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Opioids and Using Physician Led Pharmacy Reviews for Optimal Care

April 03, 2015

The release of the Pro Publica/ NPR report on workers' compensation has spurred much debate about the state of workers' compensation in the United States. One of the ongoing debates involved is how to effectively monitor and approve the prescription of opioids for pain management. With New York adopting mandatory e-prescriptions for controlled substances[1] and many other states examining ways to monitor opioid prescriptions, opioids and how best to prescribe them are in the spotlight.

Opioid prescription and how to manage its abuse has been an increasing problem in recent years. According to the California Department of Industrial Relations, nearly half of independent medical review treatment requests are for pharmaceuticals, most commonly opioids.[2] More and more doctors are closely examining opioids and pharmacy benefit management practices to find a way to ensure optimal patient care. One method that is beneficial to both patient and prescribers is the use of pharmacological reviews.

The Founder of Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR), Dr. Eytan Alpern, recently spoke on this subject at the 2015 PBMI Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Alpern's educational session, The Importance of Revisiting Medication Regimens and a Look at the Role of Nonprescription Medications in the Review Process, examined the importance of regular pharmacological reviews during patient care and why these reviews often lead to improved care and patient outcomes.

Dr. Alpern explained why pharmacy reviews for cases with opioid medications are critical, “Many prescribers continue medications for their patients because they inherited the patient with those medications. Many times we find that the use for the medication to treat the patient is no longer applicable.” Through physican led pharmacy reviews, medical records are put in the hands of a licensed, unbiased peer reviewer physician who is able to ensure that unnecessary treatment is not prescribed to the detriment of the patient.

At AMR, we believe every patient should receive quality healthcare. Through medical case reviews, pharmacy benefit reviews, and utilization management reviews, we make this belief a reality. This is why AMR is dedicated to delivering efficient, accurate and unbiased physician led pharmacy reviews.



Opioids and Using Physician Led Pharmacy Reviews for Optimal Care