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The Power of Partnerships

October 30, 2013

Doctor and businessman shaking hands in partnership.

I recently had an in-person meeting with a client who I have spent the last three years working with solely via phone and email. We spent a couple hours discussing our mutual workflows, technological capabilities, and process pains (and, of course, commiserated over the ever-changing reform stipulations).

By the end of our appointment, I not only had a much clearer understanding of who my client was as a person (she was lovely), but a distinct understanding of her organization’s vision, goals and needs. As a direct result of action items from that discussion, her team was able to more efficiently work with our group and reduce overall time spent on projects.

Clichés to explain the power of partnering are abundant: it takes a village; two brains are better than one; put your heads together…the list goes on. It seems, however, that we are beginning to forget the message of these, which is our most basic human tenet: communicating with our fellow man (and woman) is vital. We have instead migrated to technological conversation that involves little interaction.

I am no longer surprised when I have a text from someone whose voicemail I received seconds before or when a business associate tells me it is best to just email.  And while yes, this is typically most convenient and I am also guilty, this method also carries a great loss of ideas, conceptualization and outside-the-box thinking.  And while many associate “creative” thinking with industries that are just that, it is imperative in every business environment to continually create and expand to meet changing landscapes. Working together and taking adequate time to learn one another’s culture achieves significant results.

AMR has made client partnerships a priority, as we know our mutual success is reliant on positive, productive relationships. We look forward to meeting our current and potential clients so we can understand your perspectives and industries and better tailor our services to accommodate these. Please always feel free to reach out and request a meeting or onsite visit, as well as find us at conferences. In November, we will be exhibiting at the National Worker’s Comp Conference in Las Vegas. Please stop by and meet us at booth 1658; we can email later.

By Amanda Markle

VP, Strategic Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships