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Improving the Quality of Healthcare [Whitepaper]

May 14, 2014

The team at Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR) is a talented and diverse group of individuals who all work with the same intention that everyone deserves quality healthcare. AMR is not a research organization; however, over the last twelve years we have accumulated a mass amount of data from our peer review services that we believe to be an educational resource.

The team at AMR will begin using our collected data to create industry related whitepapers that will help improve the quality of healthcare; and, hopefully this data may even be seen as beneficial to consumers prompting them to question the quality of the healthcare that they are receiving.

Our first whitepaper discusses the use of prescription Opioids in the pain management of workers' compensation cases. Using over 300 case studies and multiple data points in our research we ask the question, “What can Drug Utilization Reviews reveal?” A compelling whitepaper written by AMR’s Pharmacy Benefit Project Specialist, Hamed Hafizi, reveals trends and costs associated with prescription opioids and pain management.

AMR does a high volume of workers' compensation reviews, as well as pharmacy benefit reviews, giving us the opportunity to compare and look at specific data points and combine this with outside research done on the topic.

PBM Research White Paper - Final

We hope you enjoy this analysis and share this whitepaper with your friends and colleagues. This topic is certainly worthy of increased discussion.

By SHANA DUTHIE, Marketing Executive

Improving the Quality of Healthcare [Whitepaper]