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How Our Belief Statement Impacts Our Work

January 28, 2014

Some of you may have noticed that we now have a belief statement on the Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR) website and in our email signatures just under our logo. This is what it says, “We believe every patient should receive quality healthcare.”  

It all started approximately nine years ago when three gentlemen, including Dr. Barak Mevorak and Dr. Eytan Alpern, had a dream to create a company that they believed could help improve care for patients. Thus, Advanced Medical Reviews was born to deliver quality medical reviews through the development of our industry-leading innovative technology, continually improving quality in everything we do, utilizing the most extensive network of specialists in the industry, and focusing on our customers’ needs.

This past week I spoke at our company staff meeting about an 11-month old baby boy (I’ll call him Adam) with a neuromuscular disease. We were asked to use one of our board-certified specialists to review the medical records. As a parent of two lovely young ladies, I can’t imagine what baby Adam’s folks and his immediate family are going though, as seeing one of your children suffer; especially a young baby has got to be extremely painful. 

This is what we do at AMR; we touch people’s lives of all ages, every single day, by providing third party independent medical review services to help improve care, just like we did with baby Adam.

To summarize,

Why” is AMR here?

We’re here to help patients receive quality healthcare.

How” does AMR accomplish this?

We accomplish this by developing innovative technology, focusing on quality improvement, utilizing the most extensive network of specialists in the industry, and taking a customer centric approach.

What” does AMR do?

We deliver quality medical reviews.

I’m proud to work for an organization and a group of talented people at AMR who make a difference in people’s lives every day.


How Our Belief Statement Impacts Our Work