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Connecting with Clients beyond Trade Shows

June 22, 2020

Connecting with Clients beyond Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show can take a lot of planning and work. It also offers numerous benefits, including reaching a targeted audience, procuring sales leads, conducting face-to-face marketing and making an impression on attendees through opportunities for giveaways.

At AMR, we attend a variety of trade shows (listed at the end of this blog) because they give us an opportunity to network with others in our industry, share updates on our business and learn more about industry trends and technologies. However, we also realize how important it is to connect with our clients beyond trade shows.

Every client has different preferences for communication and outreach, so our sales executives utilize those to cultivate a relationship with them and serve as a point-person throughout our partnership. As Tom Patterson, AMR’s Sales Executive in charge of New Business Development, explains, “Whether I am responding to a sales inquiry from our website or following up with a prospective client through LinkedIn, I make a point of meeting the client where they’re at. For some, a phone call and exploratory conversation is best. Others prefer an email with a breakdown of information specific to their needs. It’s all about what makes sense for our clients.”

Our dedicated group of account managers, along with our Director of Client Success, Norma Nevarez, play a crucial role in keeping connected with our clients and addressing any questions or concerns they might have. They handle various requests, assist in streamlining projects to meet client goals, and overall ensure a positive relationship continues with each client.

As a business dedicated to understanding and meeting specific client needs, we know it’s essential to check in with them regularly and ask them for feedback about the services we’re providing. We empower our team to respond quickly to requests from clients, especially when they’re dealing with an urgent project or an overwhelming backlog of work. Ms. Nevarez expanded on this in a previous blog, "At AMR, we believe in building partnerships with all of our clients. Our goal is to always be one foot forward and see how AMR can provide value to each client and their specific priorities."

When possible, we believe it’s important to meet face-to-face with our clients. This not only helps us strengthen a business partnership but also learn first-hand more about a client’s day-to-day operations. Trade shows can also offer a great opportunity for in-person meetings, as the networking events are all in one central location. No matter the venue for meeting with clients, we make sure to let them know we’re thankful for their business and partnership. We know they have other options, which is why we continuously enhance our operations, technology, and customer service.

AMR-attended trade shows

Typically held in Boston, Massachusetts in early March, this event caters to professionals and businesses in the workers’ compensation industry. Its target audience is predominantly policymakers, employers, labor advocates, claims managers and researchers, healthcare organizations and insurance executives who deal with workers' compensation claims, medical costs and utilization and other similar topics. The two-day event features networking events, presentations on WCRI’s latest research findings, and exhibitor booths.

  • RIMS Annual Conference & Exhibition

RIMS, the risk management society®, hosts its annual event in different cities across the United States. Established as a conference for those working in risk responsibility, such as risk managers, treasurers, brokers, insurers, finance directors, as well as claims, security and compliance executives, it’s comprised of multiple sessions focused on a wide range of risk-related topics. According to RIMS, the yearly event Marketplace is the “largest exhibition dedicated to risk management in the world.”

The theme of this annual conference is “Advocating for Rehabilitation Excellence.” This year’s event, which was originally scheduled for early May in Baltimore, Maryland, has been rescheduled for September 28-30. Its purpose is to address goals affecting rehabilitation for seriously injured or disabled individuals and those who provide products and services to work with them. It’s typically attended by various healthcare organizations and insurance industry professionals and encompasses information on new medical advancements, procedures, trends and policy.

This annual AHIP event has moved to a virtual conference for 2020. It’s often scheduled for June in various locations throughout the U.S. and attracts health insurance providers and companies that provide healthcare services to consumers. Even though this year’s AHIP conference won’t be held in a physical facility, it will still include networking opportunities, a web-streamed conference stage and an online exhibit hall.

Billed as the “nation's leading event for anyone involved in the workers' compensation and disability management industries,” this year’s NWCDC conference is scheduled for October 21-23 in Chicago. In addition to networking opportunities and vendor exhibition booths, the agenda includes breakout sessions in claims management, medical management, program management, disability management, legal/regulatory and technology.

Why we attend trade shows

Nelson Dunham, VP of Enterprise Accounts, attends many of the above trade shows each year. “After many years in the healthcare and insurance industries, some of the bigger trade shows feel like ‘old home week’ where I catch up with colleagues from throughout my career. There’s a sense of camaraderie, plus it’s a great way to connect with many current and prospective clients at once.”

At AMR, we provide services to many different types of clients, from third-party administrators (TPAs) and healthcare systems to group health organizations and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Our customized platform assists our clients’ operations through quick processing, data mining, and specialized reporting. Schedule a demo to learn more!

Connecting with Clients beyond Trade Shows