Independent Medical Reviews

AMR Makes a Difference in Patients' Lives

April 10, 2015

“I believe every patient deserves quality healthcare.” Healthcare is many things: one more type of insurance, one more political issue, one more thing to take care of. But it is also the most important thing, because the human experience is entirely dependent upon the human body. What are we without our health?

At Advanced Medical Reviews, I have the opportunity to work for a company that makes a difference in the lives of patients around the world. If a patient and their doctor believe that a medication or operation is medically necessary, and the insurance company does not, the patient has the ability to request that an independent review organization provide their opinion. My role is preparing and dispatching the documents that are sent to our reviewers. Though this might seem like a small task, I know that the more efficiently I work, the more time the reviewer has to assess the case.

I could work at any company pushing papers, calling clients, and selling products or insurance plans. And I could perform well at those jobs, because I believe in putting all of myself and my energies into everything that I do. But it would not be as inherently rewarding as my work at AMR, because here we are providing a service that directly benefits the patient. Sure, selling a computer will improve someone’s productivity, but reviewing a medical case helps improve someone’s health. As we all know, something as small as a cold or as serious as a surgery negatively impacts every other element of our lives. On top of that, the stress of negotiating with an insurance company is mentally draining. Here at AMR, we provide peace of mind. Just as in any other field, medical providers and insurance companies should be reviewed to ensure quality of service, and every day I come into the office knowing that I am fortunate enough to be a part of that review process. It is only my second week, but I have already met wonderful, motivated people who are all working together towards a common goal, ensuring that every patient receives the healthcare that they deserve.

By Lincoln Crane

AMR Makes a Difference in Patients' Lives