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Advanced Medical Reviews Client Portal Gets a Revamp

December 16, 2013

At Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR), we believe that every patient should receive quality healthcare. To help achieve this, we strive to offer the most innovative and efficient technology, so we can mitigate human error, allow for data collection in order to spot trends, and significantly reduce the time of our users. AMR distributes an annual client survey to collect suggestions and feedback for both our service and technology; additionally, we regularly collaborate with clients throughout the year to learn what elements may be beneficial. These suggestions are used to guide the development of our web features and to implement additional service offerings. This past month, AMR introduced our latest client portal. In addition to cosmetic changes that allow for smoother navigation, the following have been introduced:

  • New search feature that allows clients to build and save their own customized reports
  • Integrated support chat that allows clients to interactively chat with AMR support staff
  • Support ticket system now fully integrated into the client portal

Please continue to share your thoughts and feedback with us so we can improve. For those of you who we have the pleasure of working with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your client contact if you have any questions regarding the new portal.


Director of Information Technology

Advanced Medical Reviews Client Portal Gets a Revamp