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What the AMR Belief Statement Means to Me

August 04, 2014

“We believe every patient should receive quality healthcare.”

Healthcare can be a fickle business. It can bring us the happiest moments of our lives as well as the most devastating. No matter whom you are, young, old, rich, poor, you have had to deal with health problems either of your own or someone close to you, and with those health problems come medical care and possible medical disputes. I have received both outstanding healthcare and not so great healthcare and I know how one response from a doctor or insurance company can affect a person’s life.

My cousin was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and his insurance company denied a request for a PET scan. I knew this wasn’t right, and fortunately he has doctors who challenged it immediately, and the insurance company finally approved the PET scan. Since the scan showed that the cancer had in fact spread, if his doctors had not had that knowledge, all of his scheduled treatment would be in vain. This really opened my eyes as to how important what we do is. It made my job that much more personal to me and rewarding.

I am the Administrative Assistant at AMR, so some might see my job as minuscule, that it doesn’t really make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives, but I know better than that. I know that the patient who calls me in the morning to check if their case has all of the medical records attached to it really needs me. My small gesture of being friendly and understanding while confirming that we have all for their documents may be a small step, but it eases their mind, it helps them to know that their review is on its way. If I can close out a case on time so someone can have a surgery, or if I can scan the 300 pages a patient sent for their review so it has every piece of information it needs to possibly be approved then I will do it with speed and pride. I know how what we do can affect people personally, and because of that I take my job very seriously and perform my duties with upmost pride and dedication.

By Mickala Jauregui

Mickala is an AMR Office Supervisor who oversees all administrative duties and keeps the office running smoothly. Mickala is passionate about her family- she has a loving husband and an amazing 15 month old son. Fun fact: She studied Musical Theatre and spent a few years in New York City auditioning for Broadway.

What the AMR Belief Statement Means to Me