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We Have a Real Impact on Patients' Lives

March 27, 2015

Healthcare has become a significant national issue over the last couple of years. More and more patients now have access to medical care that they did not use to have. The most important thing with the influx of new patients is to ensure the quality of healthcare does not diminish.

At Advanced Medical Reviews, we play an integral part to ensure that the quality of healthcare remains first and foremost. Each patient’s review we see is an individual with a unique story. Each patient’s review should be dealt with in a thorough manner so that everything is done to ensure the patient receives high quality healthcare.

At each step in the process, each of us at Advanced Medical Reviews plays an integral role to ensuring every patient receives high quality healthcare. The dispatcher is responsible for verifying that all of the patient’s information is entered correctly, choosing the correct reviewer, and ensuring that the patient’s review is completed in a timely fashion. The reviewer has the responsibility to address each of the client’s questions specifically. They also make sure the responses are in the best interest of the patient regardless of whether they are recommending an approval or a denial. Once the review is returned to Advanced Medical Reviews from the reviewer it is essential that the quality assurance staff check to confirm that the client’s questions were addressed appropriately. They also make sure that the reviewer’s rationale would make sense to a lay person. The clinical quality department ensures that the medical content of each review meets the current guidelines and standards so the patient is receiving the best quality healthcare.

Advanced Medical Reviews also is responsible for making sure that patient’s get the best care possible in real time. It is our responsibility to notify our medical director if we suspect that the patient may be receiving incorrect treatment or treatment that could cause potential harm to the patient. We can have a real impact on patient’s lives.

I really enjoy the fact that I play a role in ensuring that every patient receives the best possible healthcare. Each day is different and I see all types of reviews from all different specialties that are really interesting. It is important that every patient be given the opportunity to have their particular situation reviewed by an independent review organization and an independent reviewer. This is something that gives me great pride knowing that I play a role in impacting patient’s care on a daily basis.

By Terry Lasseter

Terry Lasseter is an AMR Team Leader whose responsibilities include ensuring his staff complies with industry and company standards, developing attributes in each staff member, and completing performance evaluations. He also oversees the Reviewers in Training. Terry is passionate about being a father to his 4-year old son, who he adopted. Fun fact: Terry has lived in four different countries (France, Holland, Japan, US) and 4 states (Texas, Connecticut, Washington, and California).

We Have a Real Impact on Patients' Lives