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No Stone Unturned- How We Ensure Accuracy

February 27, 2015

Every morning before I go to work, I like to sit down with my daughter and eat a bowl of cereal. In-between mouthfuls of grain and milk, we like to host an open forum, where we discuss some of the loftier questions in life, questions that only a 3 year old could conjure. Things along the line of, “Why won’t the cat let me touch her eyeball?” or “How come you won’t let me play with the hairdryer?” Of course, my answer to these questions are generally in the area of “Because you’ll get hurt”, but I can always tell she doesn’t fully agree with me. That there is some part of her brain thinking, “Well, there’s only one way to really find out…”

After breakfast, I’ll drop her off at school in full hockey gear, grab an extra large cup of coffee, and head to work. My job as a Medical Review Coordinator for an Independent Review Organization is much like my job as a parent, in that part of my responsibility is to ensure people don’t get hurt by careless mistakes. When I receive a case concerning a patient, I make sure we have all the documents and guidelines needed to properly address the concern before it gets sent to a medical professional with years of expertise in the appropriate specialty. I also make sure that when our medical staff receives the case, they have easy access to all the tools needed to give the most medically accurate answer. Even after our doctors have reviewed the case, we proof check every rationale and answer, verifying that the concern regarding the patient has been properly addressed in the best possible manner.

At AMR, we believe that every patient should receive quality healthcare. We’ve all experienced being a patient at some point in our lives, as have our loved ones. I know as a parent, that when my daughter has to go to the doctor for multiple cat-scratch wounds, I want her to be seen by a pediatrician with years of experience with hard-headed children. Wouldn’t you want to receive the most accurate and detailed medical attention possible?

By Brent Leslie

Brent Leslie is a Medical Review Coordinator whose responsibilities include addressing federal and staff level appeals, effectively communicating with AMR's reviewer network and clients, and formatting reviews for medical consideration. Outside of AMR, Brent is passionate about music- "It's amazing how a song can completely and utterly change your disposition." Fun fact: He likes cucumbers, but hates pickles.

No Stone Unturned- How We Ensure Accuracy