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Leading with Quality Care as the Focal Point

March 07, 2018

Headshot of Advanced Medical Reviews Physician Recruitment and Credentialing Manager, Leah Williams.

Leah Williams is the Recruitment and Credentialing Manager at Advanced Medical Reviews. In this week's segment of "Insights From The Inside" Leah shares her perspective on the importance of quality care.

You have the most contact with AMR’s Physician network. If you had to name one quality that healthcare professionals share, what would it be?

In its rawest form, the decision to become a healthcare professional is a decision to serve and a commitment to provide care to the best of one’s ability. Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived in service to others is worth living.” As is true in any industry, there are varying degrees of care, service, and quality within healthcare. However, the healthcare professional, whether he or she is a clinician or an administrator, develops and dedicates their craft to the interests and well-being of others.

Which values and beliefs most drive your work at AMR?

The team of which I am a part of at Advanced Medical Reviews (AMR) believes that every patient deserves quality healthcare. This is an actionable belief I consistently challenge myself to exemplify, both internally and externally. My belief in quality care serves as the guiding compass in decision-making, a practice that is very much a part of the AMR company culture.

It is through servant leadership that I am able to be an example of service, delivering to staff members and physician reviewers the cascading message of how our quality of service correlates to quality patient care. The more I lead by serving, the more powerful and contagious the belief in quality service and quality care become.

How do those beliefs show up in your work with Physician Reviewers?

Our high-quality standards are what drive the AMR team to continue to achieve great things. The majority of AMR physician reviewers actively practice in a clinical setting between 8-12+ hours per day. While a full work day leaves the average professional exhausted, and rightfully so, AMR reviewers continue to show their dedication to improving the quality of patient care by aligning their knowledge and efforts with AMR’s mission in tandem with their clinical hours. Though demanding work, AMR’s physician reviewers participate while fully acknowledging that every review we complete is held to a standard of quality that cannot be compromised. Why? Because every review completed may have an impact on a patient’s next steps in care, so for every review we directly touch, we indirectly touch a life.

How does the AMR belief statement inform your work?

Although Independent Review Organizations (IROs) are considered a niche industry within healthcare, AMR and the physician reviewers we partner with are given an opportunity to positively contribute to the quality of patient care with every claim. Making sure that the physicians in our network not only ascribe to the belief that every patient deserves quality care, but are also willing to contribute to the ever-improving standards of care is paramount to our mission.

As the Recruitment and Credentialing Manager at AMR, I have the unique responsibility of building relationships with healthcare professionals and advocates that not only share the AMR belief in quality healthcare for all but are willing to actively work towards making that belief a reality for patients one claim at a time.

Do you feel your work makes a difference?

While dedicating myself to service can be challenging, it is also very rewarding. Having even a small part in a positive patient health outcome is an honor, and provides the exact inspiration needed for AMR to consistently seek ways to innovate, elevate, evolve, and advance so that we may continue being strong contributors to quality healthcare in the IRO space.

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Leading with Quality Care as the Focal Point