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Eytan Alpern, MD, Founder of Advanced Medical Reviews, to Speak at 20th Annual PBMI Conference in San Antonio, Texas

February 27, 2015

Headshot of Dr. Eytan Alpern, founder of Advanced Medical Reviews, promoting him as a conference speaker on medication regimens.

Eytan Alpern, MD, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Medical Reviews ("AMR"), one of the country's leading Independent Review and Utilization Management Organizations, will be a featured speaker at the 20th Annual PBMI Conference in San Antonio, Texas, on March 2, 2015. In his session, "The Importance of Revisiting Medication Regimens and a Look at the Role of Nonprescription Medications in the Review Process," Dr. Alpern examines the importance of regular pharmacological reviews during patient care and why these reviews often lead to improved care and patient outcomes.

As the multi-billion dollar prescription medication industry has grown, so has the incidence of drug overdose- now the leading cause of injury death. In fact, 52% of drug overdose cases are related to pharmaceuticals. In addition to inappropriate doses, patients also often stay on medications long after the benefit has been received. Dr. Alpern explains, “Many prescribers continue medications for their patients because they inherited the patient with those medications. Many times we find that the use for the medication to treat the patient is no longer applicable.” Through the use of pharmacy reviews, Advanced Medical Review physicians assist prescribers by reviewing medication regimens and ensure that patients are getting the medications they need to appropriately treat their condition.

Dr. Alpern also specifically examines workers' compensation claims, showing which types of medications individuals often stay on and the potential effects on long-term patient health. Considering the high success rate of prescribing physicians implementing AMR's recommendations, Dr. Alpern outlines how and what AMR's reviewer team looks for in a client's medical history. He also looks at the role that nonprescription medications should play in the pharmacological review process.

According to Vince Bianco, CEO of Advanced Medical Reviews, “Medication reviews have become an integral part of our business. Our clients appreciate the quality of our reviews and our ability to work as part of a core team with prescribers, which as a whole leads to better quality care.”

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Eytan Alpern, MD, Founder of Advanced Medical Reviews, to Speak at 20th Annual PBMI Conference in San Antonio, Texas