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2014, A Milestone Year for Advanced Medical Reviews

January 06, 2015

Looking back on 2014 I can’t help but think about the tens of thousands of lives we’ve touched here at Advanced Medical Reviews this year. I’m honored to work with a team of people who, like me, believe that, every patient should receive quality healthcare. We reviewed medical charts for a baby named Adam, for an eight year old boy with Tuberous Sclerosis, and hit a major milestone when reviewing a case, for a young man diagnosed with Hereditary disorder affecting his vascular system. This case meant that we here at Advanced Medical Reviews had served a half-million patients for our clients since our start in 2004.

One of the events that stands out for me in 2014 was Advanced Medical Reviews’ obtaining our URAC Utilization Management (Review) Accreditation, and passing our URAC IRO Reaccreditation Audit scoring a perfect 100%. This is significant in that now we can further serve our clients and their patients by performing important utilization review services, something many of our clients have been asking for and thus encouraged us to obtain our accreditation. We expect this line of business to increase significantly in 2015.

This year was also a high growth year for Advanced Medical Reviews as we increased case volume significantly, and our staffing in turn increased by 40%! We wrote and published our first whitepaper covering the overuse of opioids. It was a significant year for us attending conferences and exhibiting. We did so at RIMS in Denver, PBMI in Las Vegas, and at the NWCDC in Las Vegas.

As we do every year, we enhanced our client and reviewer portal adding many user-friendly features, and further demonstrated our commitment to protecting sensitive patient information and systems security. Our customer satisfaction surveys in 2014 reflected our highest scores ever recorded. We are humbled to work with many dedicated and professional client staff members.

Finally, if you haven’t viewed our short “explainer video,” please do. It does a wonderful job of demonstrating what we believe in, and our core competencies. On behalf of the entire team at Advanced Medical Reviews, we wish all of you the best for 2015, and look forward to serving all of you and doing our part to ensure that every patient receive quality healthcare.


2014, A Milestone Year for Advanced Medical Reviews