Online Demo

The AMR Online Demo provides a preview of our system’s functionality.
Please navigate through the steps of the demo using the numbers below.


AMR offers our client’s the ability to submit new review requests, track their progress, and ultimately retrieve those completed reviews, via a totally customizable and secure online client portal.


Clients now have the option to save a submission while entering information on the template. These incomplete submission requests will be stored under the Drafts tab. Clients may reopen and complete their submissions at their desired time.


When clicking ‘Attach Files’, a new page will no longer open; a dialogue box will open directly on the submission form.


AMR client’s can track the progress of a review referral throughout the entire process by using the referrals unique tracking number.

Under the In Process tab, clients will now see the description of which stage their case is in as opposed to a case number.


The Custom Reporting feature will now open in a grid format. The visible fields on the report will appear in a row at the header. To add fields, click Field Chooser and drag the desired field into the header. To remove fields from the report, drag them from the header bar into the Field Chooser dialogue box. Filters may be created from the arrows next to the headings.


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