Online Demo

AMR’s online demo provides a preview of our system’s functionality. Please browse through the information below for a brief overview, or contact us at 310-575-0900 for more information.


AMR offers our client’s the ability to submit new review requests, track their progress, and ultimately retrieve those completed reviews, via a totally customizable, fully secure online client portal.

You log onto our system using a unique username and password.


You may submit reviews, check on the status of a review or retrieve reports directly from our portal. You can navigate through our portal by using the tabs on the left side of the screen.


To submit a review, you can click the “Create Review” button, which will take you to your customized submission form. If you need more than one submission form for different reviews or different lines of business, we can set up that functionality as well.


When a review is complete, we will email you a notification and you can log onto our system and download a copy of the final report.

Our portal also allows our clients to modify reviews that are in process, run metrics across multiple reviews, speak directly to our customer support team with our online chat and much more.

To learn more about our features, please contact us at 310-575-0900. We would be happy to walk you through our system in more detail and discuss how we may be of service to you.